“SundaySurgeryScripts, is a very rewarding experience–such a wonderful forum for creatives to work together on new pieces of writing.”

SundaySurgeryScripts is a monthly development workshop for new drama scripts of all genre with the aim of bringing writers, actors and directors together to collaborate within a rehearsal-room setting so as to help writers progress their scripts.

Each month we intensively workshop three scripts for two hours with professional actors and a director. Each scene is then performed to the rest of the group and followed by a constructive, chaired feedback discussion, giving writers the opportunity to sound out their work in front of peers and fellow professionals.

All participants are welcome to invite industry guests to the performances and treat them as an informal showcase for their work.

Discussion doesn’t stop when the workshop ends: SundaySurgeryScripts has become a fantastic networking opportunity for participants and guests, as we carry on the banter in the bar afterwards. SundaySurgeryScripts also invites the London Directors and Producers Meetup for networking purposes.

Since its inception in May 2010, many plays workshopped at SundaySurgeryScripts have gone on to full production: Talk To Frank, Staffroom, Nuclear Winter, An Insomniac’s Guide To Ambulances and Heads, Bodies, Legs all enjoyed runs in the Camden Fringe Festival, whilst The Taliban Don’t Like My Knickers was critically acclaimed at the 2013 Toronto International Fringe Festival. Several short films and TV pilots have also been shot and professional relationships forged: actors and directors often go on to work on the scripts in production.


Script Submissions: Calling All Writers!

Would you like to workshop your script at SundaySurgeryScripts? We are looking for scenes of up to 15 minutes in length from new, or early draft scripts in need of development. Please email your script extract to for consideration. Do not send the full script or the first 15 pages.

SundaySurgeryScripts looks to actively support DYSLEXIC writers, not only in our monthly workshops but also at the annual DYSPLA Festival. Several plays developed at SundaySurgery have been performed as part of DYSPLA, with featured dyslexic writers receiving exclusive exposure and promotion. Do let us know if you are DYSLEXIC.

Interested In Participating In SundaySurgeryScripts? Sign Up!

Each month we send round a casting breakdown and directors’ call. If you would like to join our pool of actors or directors, please email and we will add you to our contacts database.

To find out when our next SundaySurgeryScripts event takes place, please click on this link:

Writers £25 (£1 booking fee):

Actors £15 (£1 booking fee):

Networking Participants £5 (£1 booking fee): Industry guests arrive at 4:20 PM – 6:00 PM to watch extracts from all four new scripts and are encouraged to join the collaborative debate on what makes a good story. Guest will also experience how the scripts are brought to life within a limited rehearse period, proving that when you work with professional actors and directors, the quality of the work is extremely high. After the presentation of work, we all network in the bar until 7:30 PM, so please do introduce yourself and join us for a drink.

Script Reading Service & Report £60 (£1 booking fee):

If you are looking for a professional editor to read and edit your script, please book online and one of our editors will contact you immediately to set up a meeting. Purchase below:

What a great opportunity to be involved in the workshopping of a new script. This is vastly different from being involved in a ‘rehearsed reading’. Having a voice in the creative process is exciting and inspiring and the ease of networking in this environment is invaluable. Thank you so much and hope to be involved again soon.

Michelle McKay

I was invited to take part in Sunday Surgery in June. Following a 2 hour rehearsal with the other actors, the writer and director, the excellent piece of new writing, ‘Factory Settings’, was performed in front of industry attendees. As an actor, I really enjoy performing new, exciting writing, and having the opportunity to meet other creatives in a workshop / networking environment was very rewarding and enjoyable. Thank you for the opportunity Lennnie, and I hope to be involved in Surgery Surgery again.

Maria Cole

Script Development Workshop. I found it very interesting and your skilful directing really played a great part in keeping all actors constantly occupied.The whole day was very productive and enjoyable. I also found that it is a great experience for an actor to take part in script development work as they get a greater insight into a character and relationships within the story. Fantastic experience!

Maria Tophunts

Sunday Surgery is a wonderfully presented day of new works showcasing talented writers and actors. These types of workshops are so important, and I want to thank the Msft and Csft teams for allowing a place for artistry to happen.

Melissa Hunnyb Veszi

The event (Sunday Surgery) was really well run, the people involved were engaged and open to feedback, there was very positive energy, which was great to be around, and there were thought provoking conversations about the pieces presented and possibilities for future work and collaboration. Useful, enjoyable: recommended! Thank you.

Eve Parmiter

SundaySurgery is a great opportunity for any actor, director or writer. Working on new writing in such a unique way gives you the chance to be creative and ultimately help mould the final piece of work. I would highly recommend it!

Evie Killip

Sunday Surgery is a fantastic event. As a director, it gives the opportunity to flex our creative muscles in a time-dependent environment, collaborate with writers, and work with good actors. The casting is always excellent – Lennie really has a skill for matching people with good chemistry, and Louise holds the space in a way that welcomes and fosters creativity. It’s also a good opportunity to meet other industry people in the most natural, non-“networky” way – by working with them. Highly recommended!

Yolanda Barker

An invaluable workspace for writers. A lot of care goes into finding the right director and cast which means that the four hour workshop really hits the ground running and the results are brilliant. The cast and director for my piece could not have been better and, after seeing it in these talented hands I know exactly what needs to be done with it. The spirit of the day is constructive development and I couldn’t think of a more postive environment. Writers get those scripts in…Sunday Surgery allows you to locate the essence of your writing and elevate it up to where you want it to be.

Sarah Thomas

Sunday Surgery is a fantastic idea! I heard about Sunday Surgery from a friend who directed there for a few sessions. As I mostly work as a director of animation, I was eager to get more experience working with actors. The Surgery is a perfect environment for ‘learning on the job’. Although intensive, the surgery is such a playful environment, where you can get things wrong and test out new ideas. I learned a lot from working with the script writer and actors. The actors that are selected are of a high standard, and it was very easy to work with them. I also found the discussions after viewing the performances to be very expansive. You can instantly tell if something on the page works or not when seeing the actors perform, and having instant feedback from peers is invaluable. Brilliant! Makes me want to come back with a script of my own to get the Sunday Surgery treatment. Thank you Lennie and Louise for the professional and smooth running of this workshop.

Claire Winter

I have found SundaySurgery to be an incredibly useful workshop, so much so that I’ve returned to it consecutively for the last three months.
I needed to find a positive atmosphere where I could meet other people and work on new writing, and this workshop has really opened doors for me. I have met some great actors, writers and directors all of whom are now personal contacts and have projected their interest with working with me again.
The day works very smoothly with plenty of time to meet your team, rehearse your piece and then perform it in front of the group – all of whom are very receptive and warm to the fact that these pieces have been created from scratch.
One of the most interesting parts of the day is the feedback session, where each piece is completely open for everyone’s opinion. You can share with the writer what you enjoyed or what you didn’t, each opinion helps the writer and is constructive.
But my favourite part of SundaySurgery is the pub afterwards – it’s a very informal way of introducing yourself, it’s relaxed and friendly.

Bradley Crees

Networking…without the cringe factor. After being asked to come to Sunday Surgery I arrived with an amount of trepidation and excitement, after all, I was going to act in a play. As I walked in I bumped into a nice group of people who were going to be in the same play as me…instantly all that trepidation went away ‘ this is going to be a good experience ‘. After a short intro we all went off to our various areas and Rachel introduced herself as our director and Richard as the writer…then we were into a readthru. In the space of just two hours , we had , read it , worked through some writing changes ,Rachel blocked it , gave us direction, did a couple of runs..then we were asked to perform it….terrifying wasn’t the word. I started to get nervous , but why , we could have the script in front of us , it wasn’t off book…just those little acting nerves popped up..but then we were into it and it was done.
After the performance people made comments about the script , the characters , the actual premise of the play and Richard got some great positive feedback…and we felt we did a good job and what a ‘rush’ . I got a chance to meet new actors , writers , producers , agents , other invited industry guests AND work on new material and have the chance to play something that maybe I wouldn’t normally..that to me is the best way to do ‘networking’.

Clive Dancey