What is your child worth to you?

Imagine that in the year 2060, natural births have been made illegal by the government due to overpopulation, increasing lifespans and an ever-expanding robotic workforce – the only people now allowed to have children are those deemed genetically elite.

Key creatives Lennie Varvarides and Kazimir Bielecki invite audience members to shed their ideas of the world they know in 2014, and go on a journey to 2060, where they have been found to have perfect DNA and are asked to attend Welco FertilityTech’s open day – to find out if they can become parents. Personally invited by the Automaton “Oto” (Kate Elliott), the audience will be introduced to Welco and screened for parenthood by Welco techs Nicolai (Christopher Kouros), Finn (Elidh Nairn on 17, 19, 21, and 22 March) and Estelle (Louise Morell on 18 and 20 March). In the end, it is the audience who decides how much they are willing to pay to join the experience – and how much their child is worth to them.

Join us along with 14 other emerging companies and artists at this unique festival, designed to challenge both artists and audiences to explore the value and worth of theatre and performance financially, socially and psychologically.

*This price is for entrance to the market only. Once inside you will need to barter, haggle, and negotiate a price with each artist to see their work.



Cast: Christopher Kouros (Nicolai) Eilidh Nairn (Finn) Louise Morell  (Finn)
Company Details: Made by DYSPLA
Key Creatives: Lennie Varvarides, Kazimir Bielecki
Contributing Writer: Nim Folb
WELCO was part of Theatre Delicatessen‘s Spaced 2014, which ran from March 17-22.

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