MSFT has consistently worked with dyslexic practitioners since 2007 to raise awareness of the creative benefits neuro-diversity brings to the arts. From our humble beginnings in pub venues, under previous festival titles of DYS(the)LEXI and DYSSING MONADYS, we celebrate our biggest venture so far: the DYSPLA festival of new plays by dyslexic writers.

Gala night included special guest Jim Cartwright, who hosted the tour-de-force of dyslexic creativity. The evening included extracts from each play programmed throughout the week, along with a full scale production of Matthew Scurfield’s dramatised autobiography, I Could Be Anyone.

Over the DYSPLA festival week, we presented: Cheery Cack (by Susan Sainsbury, directed by Janet Palmer), The Death Of Norman Tortilla (by Charlotte Coates, directed by Tom Latter), Just A Game (by Paul Hine, directed by Emily Jenkins) and Susanna (by N N Rakshin, directed by Adam Marchan).

Special thanks: Adult Dyslexia OrganisationBritish Dyslexia AssociationDyslexia ActionArts Dyslexia TrustEdenskillsRASPBarefoot WineTheatre DelicatessenMicrolink, and A Small Design.

DYSPLA 2010 ran from 2-6 November at Theatro Technis.