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long long corridor with florescent light above me, being rushed in to theatre, they all asking me questions and i’m too weak to answer, trying to gain the last bit of energy I’ve got left in me just to reach there safely, he is still inside of me, , I must keep awake -is he OK after so many hours?how many hours has it been? 56..yes 56

midwifes come and go doctors come and go, night shift morning shift, I’m still on the same chair, no food, no sleep, I’m giving birth, I’m pregnant and now I’m gonna have a baby, my baby, somehow I don’t get it I don’t actually get it.

one midwife comes in and forcing me to eat this horrible apple puree then she urges me to ‘take a wake’ how could I take a walk if I can’t even stand? she prodding me on my shoulder and I get so mad i kick her out of the room, better doing it by myself, some bit of information from those days got register in my brain, some got lost, some feels like something I’ve seen in the a film, some still hunts me before I go to sleep.

the moment he was born was the strangest, they put a screen, blue screen from the waist down and pulled him out, I was so out and couldn’t feel a thing, then I heard a little ‘ehh’, very short- the cutest voice in the world -that was him, that was my son, Tom

i remember them waving him in the air above the blue screen, like a puppet show, I started laughing -what an interesting way to get introduce to my son..

the first few days and weeks after it felt like any moment someone’s gonna knock on that door and take him, don’t know why..

now, after a year he still here and I’m grateful for any moment i can spend with him, my son

Mika Hockman

Dyslexic Writer, Artist, and Puppeteer